Monday, October 25, 2010

A typical day at the playground...

Here's a view of how much FUN we have on a typical day at the playground!!!

Collecting acorns...

Riding tricycles around the track...

Digging, piling, and filling buckets with sand, Making "chocolate cake, cupcakes, muffins, carrots, dinner" and more with the sand, Collecting items at "trips to the grocery store, beach, school" and more... The sand is a GREAT place for the kids to use their imagination and they come up with new things to make, collect and travel to each day!

And playing on the PlayScape!

And a little extra treat- Extended Care kids jamming out with our musical instruments. They were going for a while like they do at the beginning of the video...Sorry it's so short! Sometimes the kids will play an instrument on their own, but when they play together, it's priceless. :)

We've been taking lots of pictures with your disposable cameras too and hopefully I'll be able to borrow Jason's camera more often and take more digital pictures to post! Thanks for lending us your precious little ones each day! They are a joy! :) :)

With lots of love,
Ms. Amanda

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